The Innovation: Intuitive Chancen and Risk Management for all - effectively simplified just click with your mouse

It is or aim to scale a truly effective risk management, to make it applicable where the daily operations run - in organizations, enterprises, projects, for all kind of activities - run by humans. This can be entrepreneurs, manager, directors, board members or everybody who needs to take important decisions alone or in the team. For organizations and enterprises this is valid for the whole business model along the value chain with its core, management and support processes. 

Wappnet : Digital RIsk Management
Wappnet : Digital RIsk Management

Ideal for:

  • Planning - control/monitoring - separate the important from the unimportant
  • Assessing the actual situation and of scenarios of the future - make the unseen seen
  • Developing a common view - overcoming of organizational silos
  • Enhancing risk competency - towards a truly effective risk management system


  • No prior knowledge necessary
  • Immediately reday to use - individually and in teams
  • And the best: It is fun and creates wish for more, like a game that you play

Aim is the digitization of risk management for the user, i.e. those who actively need to do risk management. With this, work flows will be automated and routine is gained. To always know where you stand!

Wappnet makes organizations and humans fit to manage their future with a digital tool to support the workflow, combined with modern methods and simple to apply. It creates more transparency where you stand, overcomes organizational silos, enables better decisions and even better informed tasks with your bank or insurance.