Modern and effective methods for Future Management - for Chances and Risk Management

Since years, Christoph Schwager develops and implements effektive methods for chance and risk management. 

  • practice proven and comprehensive
  • easy to apply methods for all
  • specific methods for special topics (e.g., projects, security - cyber and physical, transactions - M&A)

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The main methods are:


Maturity - for really effective chance and risk management

TEROM - Truely Effective Risk- and Opportunity Management

Future Management - Risk Management Maturity Model
Future Management - Risk Management Maturity Model

To test your own maturity - what is necessary to be better prepared ad experience less negative surprises.

Developed over many years of effectively trying in practice what works and what does't work - implementing, experimenting, practicing and leading big risk management organizations - Christoph Schwager has developed based on lessons learned a maturity model for truly effective chance and risk management. This model has been tested again and again. It demonstrates what is necessary to be well prepared and experience less negative surprises.


for comprehensive checks of organizations, systems or projects

HOPI - Human - Organization - Process - Instruments

  • With the HOPI-Method you can assess, improve or implement comprehensively organizations, systems and projects
  • HOPI cares about all facets and identifies the critical risks
  • HOPI helps when you want to change or are insecure about the condition of your organization, program, project and system - governance, risk management, ERM, GRC, compliance, information security, data quality, etc.
HOPI - Model for Systemic Organization Check
HOPI - Model for Systemic Organization Check


for applied dynamic Future Management

DIADAC - Decide - Identify Act Decide Act - Control

DIADAC Circle for Systemic Future Management
DIADAC Circle for Systemic Future Management
  • With DIADAC you perform action orientöd Future Management , Chance and Risk Management - embedded in the daily routine - without extra effort
  • With this you can effectively root chance and risk management deeply in your organization
  • You consequently work with your really critical Chances and Risks and avoid many negative surprises
  • The human factor is of exorbitant importance for success!


for perfect chance and risk identification and assessment - with scenarios following from causes to effects

CORE-S - Cause - Opportunity -  Risk - Effect - Scenarios

  • You recognize the really critical topics, the scenarios with their chances and risks - for your organization and for you personally
  • You get a common view of the situation within the team
  • With CORE-S you get ideally prepared for the future
CORE-S Method for Systemic Future Scenarios
CORE-S Method for Systemic Future Scenarios