Risk Management • Technology • Innovation

operationally dealt with by our zwo participtions

  • SRI Strategic Risk Institute (SRI Strat-Risk) - for modern Risk Management
  • SRITec e.G. - for progressive Innovation and Technology Management
Future Management • Risk Management
Center for Systemic Future Management

We live in a world full of innovation, digitization, disruption, challenging projects, critical investments, uncertainty, geopolitical instability, change and other challenges. The realization of visions, targets and strategies is difficult. 

It is bad if risk management for this fails. At stake is a lot of money, your reputation, your health and assets.

Meanwhile, most have understood that it is important to worry about the management of chances and risks. But what is the best way of doing it? How does it really work? Do we have to learn it? Why is effective risk management so difficult? Why do negative surprises still happen unprepared? 

At stake is a lot of money, your reputation, your health and assets. It is the aim to replace "Management by Luck" with coordinated, effective management of chances and risks of the future.

Understand the Presence • Experience the Future • Master Change

Transparency and control with Awareness Excellence

A better future with less surprises and uncertainty

Strategy and Future preparedness

Clients come to us when they want to 

  • Develop strategies with knowledge of risk scenarios
  • Support strategy execution through effective management of strategy hindering risks
  •  Identify white spots within strategic risks

Innovation, digitization, markets, geopolitics, organization, humans, etc. Develop scenarios of chances and risks comprehensively - out of the box

Chance- and Risk Management Systems, Chances and Risks with Risk Culture and Change

Clients come to us when they want to 

  • Know the quality of the risk management - good or bad
  • Or have to to introduce risk management
  • Further develop their risk management
  • Bring risk management to the operational business (the 1st line)
  • Develop risk culture, change and communication
  • Discover chances and risks comprehensively

Most mistakes happen at the outset and are subsequently system inherent. Such mistakes unfortunately have direct influence on all other risk topics. I show you the mistakes that can be made and how you can avoid them.

Project Management and Project Risk Management 2.0

Clients corm to us when they  want to 

  • Comprehensively know their project risks
  • Know before decisions or the draft contract whether all critical risks are being considered
  • Master risks and problems
  • Improve their project risk management

Execute and train comprehensive Project Management with Project Risk Management 2.0:

better master projects from the outset, have comprehensive awareness, reduce surprises, manage chances and risks consistently, master project quality.

Critical information about issues that arise or can arise in relation to the project are of utmost importance for the project leadership. Still, even though this information is available very often, it doesn’t reach the ones who would need to know at all or in time. Information generation is difficult in organizations, mostly short-term methods prevail, operating in short-range visual flight mode. Project risk management follows just standard procedures. Better information flow can be reached for example by applying a dynamic Matrix-Project Risk Management. We convey to you how a modern Project Risk Management 2.0 works and how it can be integrated sustainably in an organization.

Risk Culture

Clients come to us when they 

  • want to have their risk culture tested
  • want to improve their risk culture and look for methods how this works
  • want to take care of humans who have to operate risk management and want to benefit from lessons others have already made

It doesn’t work without humans – this insight isn’t new. Still it is ignored again and again, and the negative surprises keep coming! The prevailing risk culture is fundamental for lasting success or failure. Most bankruptcies happen due to bad risk culture! We convey to you the art of risk culture, be surprised.

M&A and Investments

Due Diligence, Post Merger Integration

Perform operational and financial due-diligence, manage implement post-merger integration and foreward-oriented controlling: Gain an overview on the critical operational and strategic topics, e.g. on security by design, etc.

Investment check, Portfolio check

Carry out comprehensive chance and risk checks before  investments and then control forward looking:

Prepare informed decisions on investments and subsidiaries and perform forward-oriented controlling: Know what will happen.

Security - cyber and physical - integrated Strategic Security

Develop strategic security comprehensively from cyber to physical:

Design security concepts, develop strategic security, develop security by design, implement information security user friendly, overcome silos.

Training and Routine

Perform in-house training and develop routine:

Perform in-house training and develop routine when dealing with awareness, the future, risk management, project risk management, security, etc.

Further Risk Management Topics

  • Strategic risk management
  • Reputation risk management
  • Security  - cyber and physical risk management
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Logistic risk management
  • Financial risk management
  • HR risk management
  • Quality risk management
  • Production risk management
  • IT risk management

We work with you where you stand today, what the great chances, the real critical risks and problems, the scenarios are. For that we  use the comprehensive COPI Method, which, next to the assessment of the organization, the processes, the instruments used, always puts the human in the middle of attention. In doing so, we take an out-of-the-box view and review the real effectiveness of risk management with its maturity level.

Our focus areas are to deal with questions like:

  • As is risk management today, is it enough? Are you sure? What is the maturity level?
  • Do you and your colleagues know and collectively have the same understanding of the most critical risks? Are you happy with their treatment?
  • When does a topic become critical? How can the response time be reduced? Where will or can be critical negative surprises? 
  • What are the critical topics and risks in the periphery? When can they become overall critical? How good is the routine in the periphery?

SRITec Services are:

Innovation Management

Carry out innovation fit checks, perform reviews with focus on present and future:

the great chances of innovation and technique but also the critical risks comprehensively considered for politicians, companies and science.

Technology Management

Business Development

Organization Development