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Recognizing and Developing Opportunities fast, while Mastering Risks

Christoph Schwager • Strategist • Innovator • Thinker • ex Chief Risk Officer Airbus • ex Partner EY • Start-up Entrepreneur • Certified Public Accountant

Strategic Advisior to Top Decision-Makers

Most organizations can be much more successful than they think about themselves. The way is to allow new mental models and more routine in prioritizing, deciding and acting differently.

When new and important shall be achieved:

Christoph Schwager helps responsible decision makers to successfully orchestrate opportunities and risks of targets, strategy and business model and gain time.

Applied to:

Transformation Transaction | Projects | Investments

High certainty of success - when new things happen and much is at stake - for organizations and personally - in highly complex, uncertain and crisis situations.

“It is a great pleasure for me to confirm the remarkable quality of your work. Under your leadership, Airbus made significant progress towards a more resilient business model regarding risks.“ 

Louis Gallois – Chairman Group PSA, CEO Airbus (EADS) and CEO SNCF

Leadership shall assure a high certainty of success. They shall make good future oriented decisions. They shall manage uncertainty, chances and risks, keep oversight and avoid predictable surprises -  but how exactly?

The biggest challenges of the 21. century aren’t mega trends like digitalization, technological progress or cyber, but the speed of change and how leaders and whole organizations react.

Christoph Schwager is passionate creator of new ways and can move people.
He is successful transformation leader, business analyst, auditor and one of the most effective industry chief risk officers globally. He is expert for finance, in achieving sustainable change, M&A and effective opportunity, risk and control systems.

Please contact me on: christoph@christophschwager.com or +49 176 24851089

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status-quo, structuring and moving organizations effectively with fun and passion - making them fit for the sustainability, digital and technology era with constantly changing needs.

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