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Certainty of Success: rapidly & effectively Fit for Future

Christoph Schwager is passionate creator of New Ways and can Move People.
He is successful Transformation Leader, Business Analyst, Accountant and one of the most effective Industry Chief Risk Officers globally. He is Senior Expert in achieving Transformation, for Finance, M&A and truly effective Risk and Control Systems.

My personal quest is to extraordinarily boost the certainty of success of investments. transformation, innovation and projects with the right strategies in high speed.

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status-quo, moving organizations and people effectively with fun and passion - getting them fit for the sustainability, digital and technology era with its steadily moving customer needs - creating success-, innovation-, and risk intelligent structures.

Christoph Schwager • Innovator • Strategist • Thinker • ex Chief Risk Officer Airbus • ex Partner EY • Start-up Entrepreneur • Certified Public Accountant

Agile Leadership is the Game Changer for Successful Transformation.

When much is at stake - for organizations and personally - in highly complex, uncertain and crisis situations:

  • I guarantee exceptional certainty of success for investments, transformations, innovations and projects, for developing innovative yet resilient structures - with the right strategies to more oversight and focus, to accelerated decision making, results-oriented action and more coordinated collaboration.
  • I help entrepreneurs, investors and decision makers to much faster and holistically diagnose the situation. To much earlier recognize and prioritize great chances, critical topics and blind spots, solving pressing issues.
  • I effectively combine my broad operational experience in the corporate world and in strategy consulting with digital-start-up mindset to realize potential and to move people and organizations.

It is a great pleasure for me to confirm the remarkable quality of your work. Under your leadership, Airbus made significant progress towards a more resilient business model regarding risks.“ 

Louis Gallois – Chairman Group PSA, CEO Airbus (EADS) and CEO SNCF

Please contact me on: info@christophschwager.com

Fit for Future: With the right Strategies, agile Leadership and in High Speed developing and living Structures that provide great Certainty of Success. With consequent Focus on Value, Results and Future.

The biggest challenge of the 21. century aren’t mega trends like digitalization, technological progress or cyber, but the speed of change and how leaders and whole organizations react.

Leadership shall assure a high certainty of success. They shall make good future oriented decisions. They shall manage action, uncertainty, chances and risks, keep oversight and avoid predictable surprises -  but how exactly?

5 Success Factors to increase Certainty of Success. Organizations to become fit for future. Transformation, Innovation and Projects to succeed.

We shall not rest until organizations are better at managing these topics!

1)  Agile Leadership with Commitment. Clear Purpose and Goal. Think Big.

Emotionally really want the success. High and clear goals. Lead with agil mindset and speed, be flexible while keeping the personal master feeling of staying in control. Continuously monitor strategy, planning and progress. 

How much is the success of the topic really our priority? Are we - also in the top team - enough innovative, customer-centric, agil? Do we do the right things? Is our mindset right? Also at and beyond the periphery of the organization? This is about the how! How we seed and harvest  While doing so, how we increase certainty to personally stay in control. How we recognize the right moment when and how to adapt the status quo..

2)  Innovation. Resilience. Chance Management. Risk Management. Truly Effective.

Be innovative while being storm-resilient. Develop Chance Management and Risk Management to be truly effective steering instruments for the daily business. As little bureaucracy as necessary. Not just for experts. 

It is a great challenge to develop a structure with winning capabilities for realizing big bet chances and innovation potential. Even more so, when wanting to stay in control and having certainty that the shortfalls and critical risks are dealt with even in the periphery of the organization at the same time. How to become truly innovative and resilient simultaneously? It is almost always the same hurdles that lie on the path to success. We can overcome these rather easily, should you really want to and recognize the benefit. 

2)  Speed and Quality of Decision Making and Execution. Focus.

Accelerate decision making. For that, with the right mindset, use the right information and data in the right way. Accelerate results-oriented strategy and execution. Sharpen the focus. Across the whole organization - with speed, simplicity and ease. 

Can we accelerate speed and quality of decision making? How good is the strategy and how well is it executed? How focused do we work? This is about managing how we reduce human inertia, bureaucracy and waste, while we increase skills, appreciation, recognition and gain competitive advantages. How to filter out what are distractionsHow we gain time and increase satisfaction. How we realize business potential innovatively and customer-centric.

3)  Holistic Oversight. Recognition and Prioritization of Information.

In high speed gain the right information with exceptional oversight and foresight. Recognize and prioritize opportunities, improvement potential, critical topics, blind spots and risks a lot faster, more complete and ready for daily use. Recognize and manage complexity.

Three things can be noticed. First, all of us have our white spots and bounded awareness. There are things that are again and again overseen, forgotten or even ignored. Second, many of the applied methods to recognize critical topics are ineffective, cost nerves and cause bureaucracy. Third, for most humans, holistic thinking in relations proofs difficult. This dilemma can be easily and effectively solved.  It saves resources almost immediately and avoids predictable surprises. 

4)  Collaboration. Communication. Coordination. Talents.

Effectively improve collaboration and coordination with easy language and good communication. For that deploy talented transformation drivers. 

If you discuss in a group what the strategy exactly means and who exactly has to do what, you get all different answers. Everybody understands it differently. That leads to mistakes. What exactly is expected, what is meant by the different tasks is often not clear to the people involved. How collaboration, communication and coordination can be improved rapidly and easily with innovative methods. How to identify and deploy the right talents who are most capable to drive the transformation. 

My Tasks

I‘m engaged in the SRI Strategic Risk Institute, the SRI Tec Strategic Technology Advisor, as a trusted Adviser for Decision Makers and in Education. Explore more: