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Christoph Schwager • Future Management • Risk Management
Speeches Future Management • Risk Management

Christoph Schwager • Future Management • Risk Management
Speeches Future Management

Speaker and moderator what it takes to successfully manage the path to future:

Being a popular speaker, Christoph Schwager quickly gets to the point how we manage chances and risks of the future.

He is a strategist, has frequently lived through good and bad management of chances and risks himself, has led organizations, transformed strategies into operation, managed change programs and advices well known companies on Board, executive and management level. 

Examples of speeches:

ESG and Sustainability - the right strategy to achieve opportunities and control risks

  • Fit for Sustainable Future:
  • The biggest challenges of the 21. century aren’t mega trends like digitalization, technological progress or cyber, but the speed of change and how leaders and whole organizations react.

  • Experience the journey towards a strong strategy that incorporates the opportunities and risks of sustainability for better competitiveness and success.

Fit for future? More strategic anticipation and control - less risk to fail

  • What is our biggest challenge
  • Why do we fail again and again and experience negative surprises
  • Why anticipation and organization helps to avoid this
  • What it takes to be successful
  • Explained with the practical example Airbus A 380 - the biggest passenger aircraft of the world
Christoph Schwager • Future Management • Risk Management
Future Management

Christoph Schwager • Future Management • Risk Management
Speeches Risk Management

Digital Risk Management - gain transparency

  • Risk Management, ERM and GRC - quo vadis in the digital age
  • How the digital transformation can be secured with Risk Management
  • RM goes digital - what is possible today and tomorrow
  • how you are not outpaced by others
  • why digitally supported risk management is strategic and not just operational

Risk Culture - what is that really and how do you avoid mistakes?

  • The information challenge with steering and managing 
  • The fate of those who need and get information 
  • Why risk culture is the lever for good risk management
  • Who knows how the risk culture shall look like when it is ready?
  • Imagine you change jobs - the management of personal uncertainty and risks
Christoph Schwager • Risk Culture • Risk Management
Speeches Risk Culture

Christoph Schwager • Security Management • Risk Management
Speeches Security Risk

Strategic approach to Cyber and Physical security risk

  • Why do security models change: the physical and the digital universe
  • Security and safety are important - how we deal with this individually and as organization
  • The problem space: how much security would you like?
  • Why companies without comprehensive security concept rely on "management by luck"
  • Is that enough or is something missing?