We should never stop running and learning.

Education: You benefit by increasing your knowledge and keeping it up to date. You build new routines and gain a competitive advantage. You gain specialist knowledge, making you expert in the following learning areas, increasing the market value tremendously.

  • Agile Leadership and Decision Making in uncertain and fast changing environment - high certainty of success guaranteed.
  • Transformation and Innovation - fast, easy and simple.
  • Risk Management (Enterprise Risk Management, Project Risk Management, Strategic Risk Management, Internal Control System, etc. ) - as really effective steering instrument.

Development: How to prepare yourself to have a better grip on the things that happen, have more good decisions and less avoidable surprises. For example:

  • Agile Leadership Team: You develop your team to become an agile leadership team that effectively manages complexity, opportunities and risks.
  • Situational Awareness: You recognize and prioritize in high speed an extraordinary and common view on the situation and on the scenarios of the future.
  • Collaboration: You develop a new effective and efficient collaboration within and between teams.

Christoph conveys his expert knowledge how to develop organizations and projects further by systemically dealing with opportunities, risks, strategy and transformation. 

Education and Development Areas


MBA Strategy, Global Risk & Security Management - Vice Course Director

Corporate Certified Risk Manager, Co-Course Director

Enterprise Risk Manager (Univ.)


Board Room Development 

Board Member Workshops

Strategy Development

Transformation/Innovation Development

Risk Management Development

Project Risk Management Development

Situation Awareness Development


Board Members



Program Direktors, Project Managers