Agile Leadership. Focus. Decision. Achieve!

This is Christoph's purpose. The strategist, innovator and unshakable problem solver with a keen sense for others and situations has experienced uncountable managers and situations. His realization: not endless meetings, unnecessary complications or hasty actions lead to results but an agile mindset with focus and oversight, quality and speed of decisions and actions, collaboration and communication as well as sound skills in recognition and prioritization. 

As a connoisseur of human nature with the skill to move others, Christoph combines multiple roles: the knowledge of an industry practitioner and leader with many years in operational responsibilities, the experiences of a consultant busy in various sectors, with the experiences of a digital start-up entrepreneur. This makes him extraordinarily versatile. Christoph Schwager is one of the most successful Industry Chief Risk Officers globally.

Christoph assumes preventatively and in crisis situations internal or external management or consulting mandates.   

Since 2001, many times he has formed transformation and shaped successful structures. Using his innovative methods, he has transformed Airbus into a chance and risk competent company and has developed a high-performance culture. With this he has built an important basis for the  long-lasting positive development of Airbus. His methods enable to sharpen the focus for success and viability, strengthen decision making, realize great chances and avoid problems from arising.    

Since the mid 90ies of the last century, he has dealt with finance, business analysis, audit and transaction business. This includes financial structuring, accounting, business diagnostics, maturity assessments, sell-side and buy-side M&A, due diligence, portfolio and investment assessments, transaction accounting and post merger integration. 

Equally since more than 20 years, he is busy in project management. This includes experience in successfully steering mega-projects in the transformation business, mega-projects in the field of production, strategy projects, classical IT projects as well as critical small size projects. 

Christoph is a strategist, a transformation, innovation and finance expert and a thought leader for effective chance/risk management. He founded the SRI Strategic RIsk Institute, the technology advisor SRITec and the digital start-up Wappnet. He was EY Partner, Airbus Chief Risk Officer and worked in leadership finance positions, as a PwC Manager and in SME. He is engaged in boards and as lecturer. He is Diplom Kaufmann (equiv. to MBA), University of Augsburg, Germany, and Certified Public Accountant, University of Chicago, USA. 

“the art of agile leadership is what gives it the extra for steering with certainty of success and less predictable surprises.“

- Christoph Schwager