about us

our targets

Better control of the future with less negative surprises

With effective and comprehensive future and risk management for leaders, manager, organizations and projects

Make organizations and projects fit to better manage their chances and risks - with this increase the maturity of effective risk management and avoid negative surprises.

Enabling management of chances and risks for all - digitally supported

Make humans fit to better manage their chances and risks and - digitally supported and simple to apply - for all more transparency, security and better decisions.

our history

25 years of experience with effective chance and risk management

Based on vast practical experience as a leader, strategist, risk manager and financial expert gained in countless situations and projects and on theory, since many years, I develop and implement effective methods for mastering chances and risks, achieving awareness excellence and routine in the art of anticipation in organizations and with humans. 

All methods follow a comprehensive approach and are tested in practice:

  • simple to apply methods for all
  • specific methods for specific topics (e.g., projects, security - cyber and physical, transactions, M&A)
  • challenging methods for experts

Experience the methods that enable you to take better informed decisions with a future with less negative surprises and uncertainty and raise the success of innovation, chances, strategies and projects clearly.

our philosophy

Be better prepared

It is all about management of the presence and the future, grabbing the great chances, knowing the targets, the challenges of the environment. The aim is the reduction of uncertainty, the avoidance of negative surprises and more planning reliability. In particular, it is also about your personal reputation and of your organization.

While developing your business or organization, you face problems and risks, are insecure and potentially have to leave your comfort zone. Management of chances and risks is never easy - it isn't necessarily the nature of humans to do so. This is why it is so important to take time for it. How does it work? What are the tricks? What does one have to do? It is of utmost importance to gain routine and keep it.

That is when we can support!

what makes us different

What other say about us

Clients, colleagues and people who work for me have always got to know me as intuitiven Leader und Motivator. I bring great experience from SME, large-scale industry, the financial sector, the advisory and audit sector and of entrepreneurship.

I am a strategist, have experiences myself good and bad management of chances and risks very often, have lead organizations, transferred strategies, lead successfully a longstanding global change project and advice well known companies and organizations, e.g on board and executive level.

For this I follow the highest standards on all areas that I work on. This is reached by adhering two my personal principles: absolut integrity, high professionalism, quality of work, efficiency, team work, respect, out of the box thinking, ability to empathize and common sense.

When you work with me you know what you get: a clear commitment to helping you unlock the true potential of your organization and your team.

the founder

It is my great endeavor to make humans and organizations comprehensively fit for the future. Far too often I have experienced and seen that we stick to live in the past and presence and that the future is forgotten or ignored.

Following the principal "it sure will work out" and then the negative surprises pop up. This can be avoided and that is my passion.

It is my pleasure to lead in a positive way with a positive failure culture. Having always been a curious man, this has always motivated me on my journey, which has started being the executive assistant to a successful entrepreneur in SME, then being an auditor and CPA,  then owning a top position in a global group, further being leading partner of a big consultancy firm. What has always been missing was to be entrepreneur myself, what I now.  It is my pleasure to raise the maturity level of how we manage the future.

Christoph Schwager it entrepreneur and founder of Wappnet and of the SRI Strategic Risk Institute. He was Chief Risk Officer Airbus Group (preav. EADS), Partner Ernst&Young and has worked in a medium sized enterprise and as project leader. He is a visionary and finance expert, an engaged leader and manager and busy in university and extra-university education. He sits in the advisory board of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation FIRM and was member of various investment, M&A, project, innovation boards. He holds a master in finance from the University of Augsburg and is a Certified Public Accountant (University of Illinois/Chicago). He is married with three children and lives in Munich.